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Dr. Hall

Hilda Pool writes:

“We cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Hall. Our 10 year old rescue kitty; Matilda Louise had a sore/hole on her cheek that went through to her mouth, quite serious. Following a consult with Dr. Hall, he was able to perform very successful surgery on Christmas Eve Day to repair her cheek. Dr. Hall called us during the surgery with update, asking for our input. He rang us on Christmas Day and the day after to check on Matilda. When dealing with Matilda, who is not the most cooperative of patients, (biter and runner), Dr. Hall was able to perform minor follow-up procedures (gauze removal, stents out) in a kind and gentle way, actually getting down on the floor to interact with her. He is down to earth, with an easy-going temperament, answering all our questions. We have nothing but praise for Dr. Hall and would highly recommend him to other pet owners whose pets are in need of serious facial and/or dental care. His office staff is kind, efficient and professional.PS Our sweet Matilda Louise is completely back to her old loving self!”

Conny Rush writes:

“My wheaten terrier Griffin broke a tooth, so we had a consultation with Dr. Hall. Dr. Hall quickly put both of us at ease (no small feat with Griff!) by his caring and relaxed manner. He explained our options fully and in a way which made them easy to understand. Since Griffin was a fairly young dog, I decided to have Dr. Hall do a root canal (along with a full dental cleaning) in lieu of pulling the tooth. Griffin has been fine ever since and his tooth has been holding up extremely well. I think Dr. Hall’s caring, compassion, and competence–along with an excellent, friendly staff–are the reasons I’ve returned to ADCVA over the years. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Jackie Pratt writes:

“My 8 year BC was just in for a root canal and extraction and she couldn’t have been in more capable hands. The front desk was very welcoming and helpful and Dr. Hall was amazing and extremely knowledgeable. He truly cares about the health and well being of your best friend. I highly recommend booking an appointment! I will never take any dog to a regular vet for anything related to their teeth.”

Meet Trixie- a 7-8 year old spayed Rat Terrier-mix. Trixie was adopted by a loving family three years ago. For more than three years she suffered from what her general practice veterinarian called, “allergies.” Trixie was miserable; she had draining tracts on her muzzle and chin, and suffered from chronic itching and sneezing. Her owners learned to live with her behavior, and tried everything – including antibiotics – to help ease the discomfort from her draining face. Once she was referred to Animal Dental Clinic, this is what we found:




2 weeks after healing:

Lindsay Delph and Jack Hindis write:

“When we met Dr. Hall he was very polite and patiently answered all of our questions. When we left we felt like we were leaving Phoenix in good hands, and he did not let us down. For the next week Dr. Hall called us every day to check on Phoenix. We couldn’t be happier with Dr. Hall and his level of service. We feel extremely blessed to have Dr. Hall as our animal dentist and we will continue taking our dogs to him for regular teeth cleaning.”

Brent Sowers writes:

“The procedure went nearly perfectly, we were very happy with it! The doctor was very nice and helpful. He did an excellent job, our cat recovered very quickly and is noticeably happier since we got her teeth removed. The surgery went so well that when we let her out of the carrier after bringing her home, she went straight for the bowl of wet food that we let out and started eating.”

Eli Petrova writes:

“After all the money we spent taking our dog to different vets – stating that she is not eating and has extremely bad breath – we finally got referred to Dr. Hall. He extracted 13 teeth and gave our Ashley a new life! She is happy and energized and no smelly breath! The staff was fantastic and the care Dr. Hall provided was excellent! They called every day after the surgery and I am very pleased with the professional and caring attitude the doctor and staff provided!”

Lynda Pejic writes:

“Dr. Hall works very hard for our pets and has their best interest in mind. My second encounter with Dr. Hall involved our second eldest cat that needed full extractions due to severe gum disease (not my fault – bad genes/bad gums). I was a nervous wreck and making it all about me. After Dr. Hall explained the pain our cat was in and her inability to eat, I knew the answer: full extraction. I put my trust in Dr. Hall’s skills, talent and education, and thankfully it paid off; the results were nearly instantaneous resulting in increased appetite and playtime.”