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State-of-the-art Imaging in the Veterinary Clinic

VetCAT is a small, mobile CT scanner.

Immediate access to high-definition 3D X-Rays with VetCAT will help speed our diagnoses and improve the accuracy of our planning and treatment.

With VetCAT we can view your pet’s anatomy in high definition with geometric accuracy from all angles. High-quality 3D imaging is invaluable for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Traditional 2D radiographs provide only basic planar views that don’t allow us to see what lies behind and around the region of interest.

VetCAT generates high-quality, fully 3D images with submillimeter resolution and geometrical accuracy superior to multi-slice, full-body CT scanners.

Since VetCAT can be used interoperatively, it enables us to precisely visualize surgical margins and ensure the completeness of the surgical intervention before closing.