At Animal Dental Clinic we strive to provide you with information on the best and newest products for your pet’s oral health needs. After a C.O.H.A.T (Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment), home care is the best way to keep your pet’s mouth the healthiest it can be.

Brushing your pet’s teeth is the “Gold Standard” for at-home oral health. Animal Dental Clinic will provide you with detailed brushing instructions and can demonstrate brushing your pet’s teeth for you. Below is a video on how to start brushing your pet’s teeth.

Thank you Dr. Coffman at Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists, for letting us use his video!

We offer different products for at home oral health that are VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) approved. When looking for oral health products to help slow down plaque and calculus/tartar formation for your pet, the VOHC has a list of approved products here:

Products we approve/offer:
healthymouth™ is a water additive that is approved by the VOHC, on all 7 of their products. healthymouth™ is a great and easy way to help control plaque. You can read more at

We offer:

  • Dog::ESSENTIAL™ healthymouth™ anti-plaque water additive
  • Dog::ESSENTIAL™ healthymouth™ anti-plaque water additive – Mobility Formulation
  • Dog::ESSENTIAL™ healthymouth™ anti-plaque oral spray
  • Cat::ESSENTIAL™ healthymouth™ anti-plaque water additive
  • Cat::ESSENTIAL™ healthymouth™ anti-plaque gel

Another product we approve of is Greenies, which is also VOHC approved. These treats have been reformulated and taste great to your pet. Greenies are given according to weight and it is important you choose the correct size for you pet. The key to Greenies is that your pet chews the treat, to use mechanical action to help decrease the build up of plaque on your pet’s teeth. You can read more about Greenies at

A newer product we recommend, is 1-TDC. It is a blend of Fatty Acid Complex oils, which provides a lubricant with properties that provide dual action solutions for periodontal and joint health. The product works by a transmucosal (you rub the product on the gums) system. 1-TDC is backed by Dr. James Anthony, BSc(Agr), DVM, MRCVS, FAVD, DAVDC, DEVDC, PAg, who is a board certified animal dentist and oral surgeon. For more on the product please visit the website at:

The tutorial video is here:

Remember nothing replaces a professional dental cleaning, but at home care is still very important between these visits.